Welcome to the Keratiotis Ltd distillery. Α family-run business where traditional distillation methods meet with innovative products and a technologically advanced production line.

Georgios Keratiotis established the company some 40 years ago, with a vision to produce and bottle the finest distillage available in that day and age. A restive spirit, he gave up the security of his job as a clerk and founded the Athens-based ‘Mediterranean Distillery’ in the late 60’s.

Professionalism, responsibility and the gravity in conducting business increased the demand for our products and led to growth. In the mid 80’s Keratiotis Ltd was one of the fastest growing distillation businesses in Greece and moved to its current headquarters, in one of the busiest Industrial Zones around Athens - Koropi.

The distillation process advances with new state of the art machinery and Dionysis – Georgios’ son - takes over the company bringing fresh ideas in areas such as packaging and a line of new products.

Drawing on our 40 year-long history, the attachment to our job and respect towards our customers’ needs, Keratiotis Ltd is pleased to offer premium quality distillage products and spirits in very competitive prices.

Drawing on our history, on the attachment to our job, on the respect for our customers and on the devotion to our family traditions, we continue to distill and contemplate our future with optimism and great assurance.